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The Berry Tree is now over a year old. Horizons Marketing®, Nutronix International®, and Automatic Builder®have done an incredible job bringing this opportunity to you. What is new in The Berry Tree can be found in my berry tree blog where updates are frequently added. This website will feature the changes to the Berry Tree and updated contests as time permits. You want to discover why The Berry Tree is the business to be in now!

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Berry Boost Or Berry Greens Boost 

New Product Announced September 25, 2007!

At the convention last Friday, a new product was announced that will become the default product for new Berry Tree members sometime towards the beginning of next month. As you will read, it makes some exciting new offers and programs available for The Berry Tree! If you are new to The Berry Tree, you could not have joined at a better time! Make sure you contact your sponsor and ask them about these announcements and how you can use them to grow some profits quickly. For those of you who have tried the NuGreens product from Nutronix, you know it is a HIGH IMPACT type of product. You can feel it working once you take it, and the energy it gives you lasts for hours - without caffeine or any sort of jitters or crash. The other thing is, it is VERY easy to explain!

How Does Berry Greens Boost Taste?

While many other greens products taste terrible, Not NuGreens! It tastes delicious and is a whole lot faster to take in the morning than 8 servings of salads!!! Working with Nutronix, they have come up with a Berry flavored version of the product, that tastes fantastic!

The packets make Great Samples and are used to give out to people to try the product along with an informational postcard, or your business card.

O2 Proformance Hydration or O2 Berry

Look at the Berry Tree's First Life Changing Product

It is simply called Berry Water, but it changes lives. Try some today.

As many of you know who have been taking the O2 Berry product, it is an excellent product and can have a big impact on your health when you use it regularly. It is better known as Coral Calcium, but in the form of a tea bag. It is proven that an acidic system leads to disease. Several people have seen incredible changes in their health just using this tiny tea bag added to water.



Quotes from the members!

Tom Denison, MN says: The Berry Tree - easiest home business on the internet and with the new comp plan may just be the most lucative!
Gary Smith, LA says: I am making more money now than I thought possible. In a few years I have surpassed my retirment income using this system.

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